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May 2017

Acupuncture for Cervical Health

2019-04-13T19:06:29-05:00Categories: acupuncture|

Acupuncture for Cervical Health A study conducted by the Tzu Chi University in Taiwan demonstrated that cupping, a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine, provided significant pain relief for chronic neck and shoulder pain. The participants in the study received a total of four cupping therapy treatments that lasted 10 to [...]

Acupuncture: Not Just Needles

2019-04-14T10:01:48-05:00Categories: acupuncture|

Acupuncture: Not Just Needles Most people have heard of the field of acupuncture by now, but did you realize the scope of the practice encompasses Chinese medicine, which includes so much more than needles? Let’s explore this ancient therapy. First of all, the practice of Chinese medicine starts with a [...]


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