Acupuncture for Artists & Creators

Whether you are a developing or professional visual or performing artist, risk-taker, truth-seeker, entrepreneur, or someone simply seeking a creative edge, we can enable you to effectively reach your personal and professional goals by helping you achieve a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

At Apricity, we focus on acupuncture for the arts, specializing in the conditions that affect visual artists, performing artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and creative people of all types.

• Is the pain from a repetitive injury or stress affecting your creativity, performance, or ability to focus?
• Are you suffering from creative blocks, lack of concentration, anxiety or depression?
• Maybe you are in need of voice care or vocal support due to overuse or strain?
• Do you have symptoms due to exposure or overexposure to toxic chemicals or art materials?

Acupuncture can help you reach your personal and professional goals through pain and symptom management, increased wellness, and peace of mind.

Apricity is devoted to your health and well-being, and that of the thriving Twin Cities arts community.

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