Acupuncture for Migraines & Headaches

• Are you are suffering from weekly or daily headaches?
• Is it hard to plan your life because you don’t know if, or how bad your headaches or migraines will be?
• Do you have a desire to reduce or eliminate regular use of NSAIDS, Triptans, or other pain relievers?
• Are your headaches or migraines interfering with your work or social life?
• Do you feel stressed, tired, and unwell?
• Are your headaches or migraines affecting your mood?

Migraines and headaches can be associated with hormone fluctuations during ovulation and the menstrual cycle, blood-glucose levels, food and environmental factors, stress, or may appear to have no cause or pattern at all. Symptoms associated with migraines and headaches can be successfully managed with acupuncture and herbal therapy at our St. Paul acupuncture clinic.

If you are experiencing chronic headaches and looking to end the cycle of stress, pain and sleepless nights, then Ti is an excellent fit for you.

She is passionate about treating headaches after suffering from chronic, persistent migraines since childhood. Ti is well versed in the long list of migraine and headache types as well as the many nuances of treating active headaches.

My treatment style is warm, caring, and I’m an intuitive practitioner who can help:

• Restore your body to restful sleep patterns
• Reduce stress and its harmful effects on the body
• Alleviate migraines, headaches, and the disruptions they cause
• Treat tension and chronic pain commonly associated with migraines and headaches

Together, we’ll accomplish this utilizing my training and experience with the expertise only you can bring to the table when it concerns your body and its unique makeup.

I may incorporate one or more of the following:
Herbal Medicine
Nutrition therapy
and MORE

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