Acupuncture for PMS & Hormone Imbalance

• Are you are suffering from painful, irregular, or absent periods?
• Do you experience heavy bleeding, long, or short cycles?
• Do you feel bloated, achy, tired or unwell before or during your periods?
• Do you suffer from monthly bouts of mood swings, anxiety, or difficulty sleeping?
• Do you break out with acne during your monthly cycle?

Acupuncture can ease hormone imbalances, PMS symptoms, and regulate your menstrual cycle.

Women who are struggling with hormone imbalance can feel hopeless. You don’t have to suffer anymore; if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, I can help.

Warm, professional, and individualized treatments that can:

• Restore restful sleep patterns
• Manage anxiety and mood swings
• Regulate your periods
• Treat headaches, cramps, chronic pain and/or digestive upset commonly associated with PMS and hormone imbalance
• Stop period-related acne
• Restore confidence in your body and take control of your health

Together, we’ll accomplish this utilizing my training and experience with the expertise only you can bring to the table when it concerns your body and its unique makeup.

I may incorporate one or more of the following:
Herbal Medicine
Nutrition therapy
and MORE

Relief is only a click away