Cupping Therapy at Yin + Yarrow Acupuncture, St Paul

Cupping Therapy uses cups placed on the skin to create a counter-pressure or vacuum-effect which in turn allows your muscles and tissues additional space for blood to flow. This aids in releasing adhesions and “knots” in the fascia and connective tissues. This technique can loosen tight muscles, encourage blood flow, sedate the nervous system, and retrain the neuromuscular system.

Cupping can:
⚘ Loosen tight muscles
⚘ Encourage blood flow
⚘ Sedate the nervous system
⚘ Retrain the neuromuscular system

Cupping therapy is effective for the relief of:
⚘ Back and neck pain
⚘ Stiff muscles
⚘ Anxiety
⚘ Fatigue
⚘ Migraine headaches
⚘ Arthritis
⚘ Rheumatism
⚘ Lung congestion
⚘ and more

Cupping treatments are similar to receiving a massage; the muscles become very relaxed and pain and inflammation reduced.

I may incorporate one or more of the following cupping techniques based on your individual diagnosis and treatment plan:
⚘ Stationary cupping
⚘ Flash cupping
⚘ Sliding cupping

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