Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea’s health benefits are largely due to its high content of flavonoids (aka plant-derived antioxidants). Green tea is the best source of catechins, which are more powerful than vitamins C and E in stopping damage to cells.

Research suggests that green tea provides a reduced risk for several cancers, including:

• skin cancer
• breast cancer
• lung cancer
• colon cancer
• esophageal cancer
• bladder cancer

Consuming green and black teas include a reduced risk for heart disease and has a cholesterol lowering effect. A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine has also shown a 46%-65% reduction in hypertension risk in regular consumers of oolong or green tea, compared to non-consumers of tea.

Adding tea to your regular diet is believed to have many positive benefits, including the possible prevention of cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease and a myriad of other health conditions.