Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching offers personalized support and tools to help you develop and carry out a plan of action to make lasting changes in your health, lifestyle, and general well being.

Coaching takes place in a positive, safe, and supportive environment where you will:

• Identify obstacles that prevent you from connecting with and/or trusting your inner guide or intuition
• Focus on your past successes and accomplishments to boost confidence and build courage
• Learn a new skill set that will help you trust your inner guide and learn when to act on your intuition

During the coaching process you will:

• Identify changes you want to make based on your values
• Learn to connect with your inner voice and decipher it from your logical brain
• Find the courage to act on your intuition in order to live the life you long for

Ti will provide a process for ongoing support, direction, and feedback to help you make your visions a reality.

Who can benefit from Intuitive Life Coaching?:

• Anyone who wants to raise their awareness
• Those who want to bring both peace and passion into their life
• Anyone who wants to experience a healthier state of balance and wellness
• Those who desire to act consistently toward making their vision a reality

What topics do Intuitive Life Coaches cover?

Intuitive Life Coaching focuses on the well-being of the whole person, mind-body-spirit, observing the state of health on a continuum between wellness and illness. During your coaching sessions, you will focuses on the area(s) of your life that you want to better. This can include:

• Weight management
• Healthy eating
• Stress reduction
• Physical activity
• Chronic Illness
• Communication
• Transitions
• Decision Making
• Spirituality
• Emotion regulation
• Relationships
• Career
• Start-up Business

Because of our holistic approach, simple lifestyle changes in any one of these areas can result in pronounced shifts in multiple areas of wellness including your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational well-being.

How many Intuitive Life Coaching sessions can I sign up for?

You will work with your coach to determine the number of sessions that will best serve you based on your individual goals.

How long is the first Intuitive Life Coaching session?

The first session lasts 75 minutes, and you will:

• Get to know your coach
• Identify a specific change you want to make
• Assess your readiness to make a change in that area
• Choose a goal or action step to begin
• Receive your first acupuncture treatment

How long are the follow-up Life Coaching sessions?

Follow-up coaching sessions are 75 minutes including acupuncture treatment and will often take place over several months.

What can I expect during my Intuitive Life Coaching sessions?

• A supportive and nonjudgmental conversation with your coach, Ti
• Assistance in defining the change you want to make
• An assessment of your readiness to make a change
• Guidance in setting achievable goals
• Help with identifying your specific barriers to achieving success
• Intuitive training in mind-body-spirit techniques
• Encouragement and support
• Follow-up and accountability

What makes Yin + Yarrow’s Intuitive Life Coaching unique?

In contrast to many other health and life coach providers, Ti uses an integrative approach that focuses on the well being of the whole person; mind, body, and spirit. Together, we will create an individualized plan to help you achieve your goals. Your personalized coaching program may include any combination of:

• Intuitive Life Coaching
• Aromatherapy
• Sound therapy
• Acupunture
• And more

What is the cost of Intuitive Life Coaching?

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How do I get started with Intuitive Life Coaching?

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