Needle-free Therapies

Do you want to try a natural holistic approach to pain management and healing using a needle-free acupuncture treatment? You can experience the amazing benefits of Traditional East Asian Medicine with these alternatives.

We offer the following needle-free acupuncture and non-invasive treatment approaches:

Laser Acupuncture

A treatment in which low-energy laser beams are used to produce current at acupuncture points. From the cellular perspective, low-level lasers can decrease inflammation and pain through changes to how local tissues respond to the cortisol steroid hormone system. It also stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissues by increasing connective tissue activity of fibroblasts.

Microcurrent Acupuncture

A handheld stimulator uses a micro-current to stimulate acupuncture points.

Piezo Acupuncture

A handheld device that stimulates acupuncture points using a low-level electric spark to stimulate the nervous system.

Ear Beads

Tiny ear beads affixed to the ear to create a constant low-level stimulation of acupuncture points. These are often the treatment of choice for appetite suppression, smoking cessation, or emotional regulation.

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