Tai Chi For Better Sleep

If it seems that you are unable to get a good night’s rest, you may need to add a little exercise to your routine.  Studies have shown that practicing the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi can actually improve your quality of sleep.

In a recent study performed by UCLA, researchers looked at a group of 112 older adults who were all in good health but had trouble sleeping and felt tired.  The participants were divided into two different groups, half were taught 20 moves in that ancient art of Tai Chi, while the other half took classes about sleep habits, diet, and stress management.  The study revealed that the group of participants who were performing the very simple moves of Tai Chi no longer complained of feeling tired and showed marked improvement in the quality and frequency of their sleep.  Not only were they rested, but the regular daytime problems such as the drowsiness and fogginess improved as well.

The benefit of using Tai Chi to help you get the rest that your body needs is that it’s a safe and natural method without any of the harsh side effects, complications, or worries about possible drug interactions that you would have when taking sedatives or other sleep aids.  Also, with Tai Chi you do not have to worry about the dreaded hangover effect which can often happen with sedatives, leaving you drowsy and feeling wiped out the next day.

Additionally, you get the added benefits of Tai Chi itself which can help improve both your physical and mental well-being.  The soft, fluid movements of Tai Chi are non-stressful on your body and is something that can be practiced by nearly anyone.  So if you wake up in the morning feeling tired, maybe the ancient art of Tai Chi can help you find a more peaceful night’s sleep.