Positivity & Kind Words about Yin + Yarrow Acupuncture, St Paul

Look what people are saying!

I suffer from PMDD and heavy bleeding due to fibroids which makes me feeling terrible for 2 weeks each month. I also recently went off antidepressants taken to control mood swings during my period because they were causing me to gain weight. After just one month of regular weekly acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbs my period was 3 days shorter, I bled 4 ounces less, had no cramps, felt less moody, and had more energy. I have also started to lose the weight I gained. I feel so much better in general and can’t wait to see the changes to come. Thank you for your patience and always answering my questions, Ti. I’m grateful to have my life back!
YES, We’re expecting! I was so tired of fertility appointments, hormone treatments, and constantly stressing about it all. Acupuncture made me feel so good that I decided to stop my fertility treatments and see where acupuncture alone could take me. Three months later, I am pregnant! I can NOT believe it. I will continue my acupuncture treatments during my pregnancy and beyond because I can’t imagine my life without it. Thank you, Ti. I’m so thankful for you, your insight, and intuition. You truly have a gift.
Ti immediately instills the sense that you are in good hands. She provides intuitive, competent, and personalized care. I always feel better after acupuncture treatments from her. Acupuncture has done wonders for decreasing my anxiety, and on more than one occasion has eliminated a headache altogether on the spot!
I found Ti to be a thoughtful, knowledgeable and skilled professional. I will most certainly continue treatments with her.
Thank you for fixing my knee pain, Ti! It’s nothing short of a miracle!
My arm is feeling so much better! I had a wonderful experience! I love the way your business is set up, and I am eager to come back for more. You are such a nurturing practitioner, I felt completely at ease and taken care of. Thank you for creating such a sacred healing space in the city. I could see people come in, get into a chair, and drop the weight of the world off their shoulders as they waiting for your comforting hands. You are going to go a long way!!!
I had my first appt. w/ Ti today after a year of health and fatigue struggles. When I left, I felt a little energized and was encouraged. Tonight, I have energy to spare for the first time in a long while. Ti was terrific…warm, caring, professional. The setting is relaxing, quiet, reassuring. I couldn’t be happier with the results of just the first visit.
Bottom line, Ti is wonderful. Very personalized care, relaxing environment. It’s clear that she wants to help you and find the best way to help you as an individual. Just starting out with acupuncture but so far, I’ve definitely found where I’ll be going!
Ti has a kind and gentle approach. I have been receiving treatment from her for surgically induced menopausal symptoms. Within a matter of two weeks I was able to sleep through the night and have not had a hot flash, hot flush or night sweat since. She is very supportive in her treatments. I will continue my treatment with her and strongly recommend her services. Thank you for all that you do Ti!
I just want to make a plug for Yin + Yarrow Acupuncture in St Paul. Ti is so helpful and thoughtful. I went yesterday not feeling very well and she followed up with me today to see how I was doing–much better thanks to her help yesterday. She listens and is very thorough and intuitive. She’s helped a lot with my migraines.
My experience at Yin + Yarrow was outstanding. Ti is so knowledgable and so gentle with her treatments. I feel very confident in her expertise as an acupuncturist and very safe in her hands. The atmosphere is very relaxing and private. I highly recommend Ritual to everyone looking for an acupuncture experience.
I highly recommend Ti and her acupuncture clinic. The clinic is aesthetically appealing, immaculate, and has great ambiance for healing. Ti is wise, client, and informed. Her kindness and gentle heart are front and center. She is helping me make progress with a chronic condition which I thought was hopeless. Her encouragement and dedication have made a big difference in my life. If you have never tried acupuncture before, please consider trying it. The results may not be immediate, but you will get results!