Three Teas to Keep You Cool This Summer

As summer moves on and the warmer days continue, you will find yourself seeking ways to beat the heat. Herbal teas are a great way to cool both the body and mind. Cooling herbal teas can alleviate symptoms of excess heat and have you feeling your absolute best during these heat-intensive summer days.

Check out these three herbal teas that will ensure you stay cool

Mint, Elderflower and Rosehips Tea

The combination of mint, elderflower and rosehips make a soothing herbal tea. Rose hips provide a much-needed boost of vitamin C, the elderflower lends its immune-cleansing benefits and the mint finishes off the tea with the cooling touch of menthol.

Lemon Hibiscus Tea

This is an herbal blend just as good cold as it is hot. Regardless of the way this tea is poured, it provides specific cooling benefits to the body. Hibiscus is high in vitamin C and combats against high blood pressure, liver disease, and other ailments. Lemon has a kick of vitamin C too, but more importantly, it is cleansing and a natural diuretic. This tea combination is both cleansing and cooling.

Iced Green Tea with Lemon and Mint

The perfect summer refresher. The combination of these three ingredients works together in perfect harmony in order to cool the body down. Packed with vitamin C, menthol and antioxidants this tea will get your constitution headed in the right direction.